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Xcape for Team Building

Team-building activities are a great way to bond with colleagues. They provide high-impact learning, increase team skills and communication, whilst improving overall morale and productivity. Xcape will present your team with a series of challenging tasks, obstacles, and situations – encouraging them to not only draw upon their own skills and strengths, but to also collaborate with their peers to achieve a common goal. Each shared success results in a sense of accomplishment and leaves each team member with a positive experience from which to draw, and potentially, a new approach to any future task they may face.

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Xcape for Management

Many groups love the relaxed nature of an ‘away-day’, but don’t overlook the benefits of this activity to management. At Xcape, we pride ourselves on our approach. The time pressure will highlight the strengths of both individuals and the team. Within the space of the hour you can put team skills to the test, see an outcome, and discuss and debrief based on recent, fresh examples. How did the team communicate in the room? Did they agree to a strategy? Who took a leadership role? Escape rooms are excellent for giving context to recently learned skills outside of the normal work environment, or as a diagnostic tool before further development commences.

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Xcape for Schools

Our escape rooms are a prime example of the concept of ‘learning through play’. Face-to-face interaction and communication are key – this is a fun social activity! Perfect for taking a class groups through, our facility allows students and teachers to fully recognise the benefits of this activity. There is no room for the passive observer in an escape room! Everyone will need to contribute if the group is to succeed in the time limit.

Large Group Bookings

At Xcape we love hosting corporate groups and schools, and we can be flexible to suit your objectives.To organise a multiple room or multiple session booking, please contact us at corporate@xcapes.com.au or through the form below.

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